Weight Lifting Gloves

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Weight Lifting Gloves

Product Description

Hand Circumference Measurement Method: (1 Inch = 2.54 cm)

You can use a tap or a credit card to measure

your hand circumference, such as the right.

Gloves Size: M, L, XL

Palm Width: 6~7 cm/ 2.36~2.75 Inch/ 7~8.5cm/ 2.75~3.35 Inch/ 8.5~10 cm/ 3.35~3.94 Inch

Hand Circumference: 16~18 cm/ 6.3~7.09 Inch/ 18~21 cm/ 7.09~8.27 Inch/ 21~24 cm/ 8.27~9.45 Inch

If you use Credit card to measure your hand

The Credit Card length is about 8.5cm/3.35 Inch

So the Hand circumference is 8.5cm*2+2cm(hand thickness)*2=21cm /8.27 Inch