F1natix Compression Sports Suit

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F1natix Compression Sport Suit


Applicable scenes: cycling, running, fitness, etc.

Function: Dry, breathable, sweat-absorbent, high elasticity.


1. Breathable sports fabric, four points and six lines, high elastic leggings design. 2. Quickly absorb sweat, evaporate sweat quickly, wear comfortable and stylish. 3. Fast drying elastic breathable fabric. 4. Two-dimensional stretching without restrictions The high-strength shirt shows a strong figure and provides a comfortable feel. Improve muscle efficiency and reduce muscle vibration and agitation. The combination of line design and the smoothness of the movement improves the comfort of the movement!


Small: Suitable for height 160-170 cm, weight 50-55 kg.

Medium: Suitable for height 160-175 cm, weight 55-65 kg.

Large: Suitable for height 160-180 cm, weight 60-75 kg.

XL: Suitable for height 160cm-185cm, weight 70-80kg.

2XL: Suitable for height 160-185 cm, weight 80-90 kg.